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✓ Pay per fax with no registration, no subscription or no signup.
✓ Lowest prices with $0.10 per page, see pricing chart.
✓ Secure fax, non of your documents or credit card info is stored.
✓ No hidden charges. Money will be refunded with no question asked.
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Fax Facts

How to have free fax for computer ?

Sending free fax for computer is very easy with our almost efaxing free solution. Send almost free e fax from our pay per fax model. Send almost fax free fax for computer using browser without any app or software installation.

How to fax online one time ?

Use our e faxing free solution to send fax online one time . Send almost free e fax from our pay per fax model. You dont need fax machine near me to e fax by using our fax online one time solution

How to fax from iphone or fax from andriod phone ?

You can send fax from iphone or send fax from andriod phone easily with our efaxing solutions from browser. Alternatively there are many paid app fax from iphone in app store or fax app in playstore which you need to install on your phone

What are benefits of pay per fax solution without registration ?

With pay as you use fax, you only pay per fax pages. The is best alternative efax solution with no subscription, no registrarion, no credits. This is the cheapest online fax solution which is secure and reliable.

why can't we send e fax free and free one time send efax ?

Faxing incurs infrastructure cost, hence sending free fax online is not feasible. If you have not got free fax option, Our one time fax solution allows provides pay per fax model for sending cheapest fax worldwide.

what is fax cover sheet and how to get fax coversheet pdf?

A fax cover sheet or cover page helps receiver to understand the context of the fax. It contains the sender and receiver information, dates, fax number, email and other important detials. Fax cover sheets important for professional fax. Read more about fax cover sheet template here.

Why we are your best "fax service near me" solution ?

Earlier for faxing a document you needed to access physical fax machines by googling "fax service near me". However, with our efaxing - pay per fax service, you can send fax at low cost from the easy of your home